Large losses

Our large loss adjusters have an average of twenty-three years of experience handling large files for carriers.

As former staff adjusters, they have extensive technical training including investigating subro, controlling mitigation costs, and controlling ALE expenditures.

We will continue to manage the file after the initial inspection in order to reach an AP with the insured's GC, assist the insured with temporary housing, and address any supplemental requests submitted by the insured/contractor. Our adjusters know that prompt contact, educating the customer, and getting emergency services started as quickly as possible will speed up the recovery process.

All large loss adjusters have completed IICRC's in water restoration, fire restoration, and odor control.

Complex Files

Our adjusters are trained to work with the insured's PA, or attorney, in a professional and productive manner.

When a disagreement on scope or price occurs, our adjuster will meet the PA onsite and review their estimate line-by-line to determine if supplemental items are justified.

A detailed explanation of why we did, or did not, include the PA's supplemental damages will be included in our final written report. Our goal is to reach an amicable settlement within the parameters provided by the carrier.